Holiday Recipes


Increase in female followings online and create awareness for Samsung mobile devices via product-in-use placement to drive trial during the Christmas holiday season

Being a perfect host during the holiday season is hard to achieve with the busy days peculiar to this period and we knew creating an engaging campaign that resonate with our target audience’s passion points – lifestyle & food – will make a great impact so we adopted a subliminal approach to project brand objectives with the   Holiday Recipes Campaign


We developed a product-in-use content strategy leveraging TG passion points – lifestyle & food by partnering with food blogger that resonates with brand’s TG to create an holiday recipe e-book that highlights how to be a super host. Displayed Samsung products within the pages of the e-book, supported with videos and banners ads to drive trial, drove recipe e-book download using different creative formats with clear CTA and drove engagement by asking TG to share pictures of dishes prepared using the recipes.

With this we were able to drive engagement, position Samsung as a lifestyle brand, instigate product trial while establishing emotional connections with females with The Perfect Host story


  • Over 130k recipe e-book downloads within 2 weeks.
  • Product enquiry increased by 20% across all owned platforms during the period of the campaign.
  • Over 50 user generated content.