• Coca-Cola changed its  brand proposition from  open happiness to taste the feeling in a bid to merge its brand values & product benefits
  • To communicate this new proposition, an anthem was created  to engage  the TG in an exciting  way

Agency Task

  • Increase awareness for ‘taste the feeling’ by reaching 40% of the digital universe
  • Drive download of campaign anthem
  • Drive brand love through music
  • Make the anthem No 1 in Nigeria

Anthem download driven on 3 major pillars;

  • Localization- Covers by Nigerian artistes with high TG affinity
  • Rich Media –Interactive creative formats on top three music websites
  • Social Media – Encouraged user generated content


  • Over 300% over KPI anthem download  achieved- 749,416
  • Approximately  700%  fan engagement  –11,871,514
  • Campaign generated over  2.7 Billion online impressions, 137 Million Social Media Mentions over 6 months
  • 53% of TG digital universe reached