• E & J Gallo’s objective was to create awareness for their newly launched Carlo Rossi TVC
  • The goal of the campaign is to reach 14 million Cosmo Boys & Girls within the campaign period at an avg. freq. of  2

Agency Task

  • Drive viewership on offline media via Digital Media
  • Create Top of mind awareness for Carlo Rossi Moscato variants


  • Carlo Rossi Sweet Red TVC was launched on Facebook, Instagram, Eskimi, Youtube, Programmatic buy and direct placement on top websites
  • The Video ad was placed on top blogs with high affinity with the TG using unique video ad formats


  • Total impressions achieved was 112% of the target impressions
  • The Video reached 15 million cosmo boys and girls. Total reach achieved was 109% of the planned reach figure
  • The Carlo Rossi video was viewed 2.5million times during the course of the campaign achieving almost 3x the set target